Financial Assistance Options at Averio

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Care Credit

Care Credit is accepted at Averio Health Institute. Care Credit is a wonderful payment plan option so that you don’t have the full expense of your recommended testing or care, at the time of service. Below is the link to the application to fill out (if you are new to Care Credit):

Once you have been approved, you can proceed with a payment plan option in our office. Please note that there is a minimum cost of service to be able to proceed with a care credit payment plan. To know what payment plan options are available for you, please fill out the form that will be sent directly to our business office. We will respond to you as soon as possible!

Gift of Scholarship

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Gift of Scholarship

Averio Health Institute also offers an amazing opportunity to apply for a Gift of Scholarship to help cover some of the cost of your recommended care. 

To apply for a Gift of Scholarship, please fill out the form to receive an application by mail or email. You can also fill out an application in person at our office. Please note that Gifts of Scholarship are approved only for doctor-recommended treatments in our office. If you have any questions about applying, please include your questions in the 'how can we help' section of the form to the right.

Gift of Scholarship

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We Support Your Health Goals

Averio Health Institute strongly believes that cost of service should never stop someone from pursuing their health goals if they are serious about getting healthier and care has been recommended in our office. The above financial assistance options are available to anyone who would like to pursue getting financial assistance, or anyone who has true financial need and would like to pursue healthCARE at Averio, due to the understanding that Insurance does not cover our services.

In addition to providing financial assistance options, Averio Health Institute has also maintained all of our services to an incredibly reasonable cost for our patients. If you are a patient who has attended a HealthCARE program at Averio before - check out the information below on Averio’s Referral Incentive Program! An amazing opportunity to benefit you, your friends, family and anyone else you know - have and continue to strive towards great health!

If we can help answer any other financial questions that you have, please feel free to call our office at (360) 982-1368 and we would be happy to assist!

Averio Referral Incentive Program for Past Institute Attendees

This is an incredible program that Averio is excited to offer you! The value of a day of care includes all doctor recommended and customized care during that day, as well as any recommended photobiomodulation therapy and additional customized modalities. It does not include testing, supplements or supplies.

  • To be eligible: you must be a patient who has attended a full Averio Launch Program (weeklong of 5 intensive care days).
  • Program benefits: For each person referred who comes for their own Averio Launch Program, the referring patient named - gets credit towards a day of care at Averio! (Value: up to $700!)
  • Additional Referral program information: Only one person can be credited as referring. At this time, there is no limit to how many people you refer or how many credits you receive! Your credit does expire within 3 months of being notified and cannot be transferred to any other person. Your day of care credit can only be used towards a Day of Care service or towards a full, 5 days of intensive care program.

To schedule your day of care credit, please call the office directly at (360) 982-1368. Thank you for your referrals! It is always our pleasure to be able to help anyone we can!

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