Averio Health Institute: First Chiropractic Mission Trip to Uganda!

Averio Health Institute led the FIRST (according to the Ugandan government) Chiropractic Mission Trip to Uganda in December of last year! We worked in the remote village of Maluku, Uganda in eastern Uganda.

  • Over 2400 people were seen in 5 days
  • It was the largest medical camp that has ever been hosted in Mbale.
  • 44% of the patients with crisis level high blood pressure (above 180/120) had their blood pressure reduced to stage two hypertension with one adjustment (between 140/90-179/119)

Chiropractic has sustainably entered the region through once a month visits from a chiropractor traveling from Jinji which were coordinated and supported by Averio Health Institute

  • Over $70,000 dollars worth of services were given
  • Over $20,000 dollars worth of medical equipment, diagnostic tools and nutritional supplementation were given to the Fraddox Medicare Clinic in Maluku, Uganda
  • Over $10,000 dollars were donated in doctors and support team travel costs

It was a success. Plans to go again with grant funding in 2020.

How did this trip get started?

The story starts in 2016 when Dr. Kotlerman was the Managing Director for a nonprofit called Global Leadership Initiative (GLI), which was partnered with Rotary International and the United Nations. The goal of the nonprofit was to bring together leaders in the 19-30 year old age group for professional and personal development. The program was extraordinarily successful and lead to relationships with Rotaractors (people under 30 who participate in clubs very similar to Rotary) in many African countries including Uganda.

About 4 months after our GLI conference, Dr. Kotlerman received an email from one of the Rotaractors in Uganda named Julius. He was currently a student in a medical certification program at Mbale School of Clinical Officers to get his diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health, in his email he explained that the $200 dollars a quarter to stay in school was more money than he could make and he could not get any more loans to stay in school so he was going to have to dropout. It took a couple of weeks of research, but a plan to keep Julius in school was formed. Dr. Kotlerman decided to send used cell phones to Uganda. Julius could then take these cell phones and sell them, using the money to get himself through school.

Julius has since graduated with his medical certificate AND there was leftover money from the cellphone sales to assist in the building of the brand new medical facility in Maluku...a two-story sandstone building. The idea for this new medical clinic was designed by Nanteza Dorothy who is the assistant District Rotaract Representative. She envisioned a facility with the focus of having diagnostic abilities as most of the Uganda medical facilities lack diagnostic equipment. She called Dr. Kotlerman on board to see if contribution towards this cause could continue with a possible medical mission trip. And thus, our trip was solidified.

The rest of the story has been a lot of conversation, building partnerships, building relationships and trusting in God to deliver us safely to Uganda and back.

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