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Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Herbs


More challenging cases that might only respond to a comprehensive, natural approach.

Where diet, supplementation, deficiencies, toxicities, brain, spinal and joint health are all taken into consideration.

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It all starts with testing... TEST NOT GUESS

Testing results provide your starting point.

Testing results allow for necessary customization of your plan.

Testing results allow method to evaluate progress.


Methods of Care

Functional Neurology

  • Technical, Low-Force, Neurological Corrections
  • Dynamic Joint Decompression
  • Full Spine Motion Adjustments
  • Spinal Flexion-Distraction
  • Extremity Adjustments
  • Upper Cervical Corrections
  • Nerve Tracing

Functional Nutrition

  • Whole food, plant-based anti-inflammatory meals
  • Organic, micronutrient formula Juice bar
  • The benefit of Raw food

Self-Care Education

  • Neurologic Exercises
  • Body Mechanics
  • How and Why to Juice
  • Rules for Sleeping and Waking
  • Food Preparation
  • Breathing Technology


  • Classes on posture, hormones and great spinal health
  • Classes on a plant based diet
  • Classes on the value of RAW foods and preparation
  • Classes on environmental risks to avoid
  • Classes on self-care & exercises

Programs & Departments

Our basic program to get people started on their road to recovery is a week of testing, training and treatment - the Averio Launch Program.

For those needing immediate help and wanting to get started, we offer the Averio 3-day program that starts on Thursdays afternoons and ends Sunday morning at 10.

Our Objective Testing Department is available for referral from clinics, doctors and attorneys

Our Nutritional Department is available for individual foundational and functional nutritional testing.

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