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Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Avery Martin Presenting
Dr. Martin Presenting "Your Brain" at the Bellingham Co-Op

Chiro-X is an opportunity for doctors that collaborate with Averio Health Institute to get together. Chiro-X doctors receive occasional emails through our subscriber list that share new research articles regarding functional neurology and health-related topics, Chiro-X events, and updated information about Averio Health Institute. Chiro-X doctors also receive the benefit of participating in complimentary Chiro-X events that are sponsored by Averio Health Institute as a moment for the doctors to come together, share, learn, grow, and receive care.

*Chiro-X is available for all physicians. To subscribe, please provide your name and email address.

History of Chiro-X...

Chiro-X was started by Dr. Avery N. Martin to explore an expanded approach to helping people with challenging health problems. Chiro-X desires to collaborate with other doctors interested in expanded care options. Additionally, Chiro-X is designed to support the health of participating doctors through education and care. Chiro-X is about improving healthcare outcomes for the general public through research, education, and collaboration.

Do you have patients that you would like to refer to Averio Health Institute? Would you like to have information from Averio Health Institute to give to your patient referrals? Please CLICK the link below to send us an email with your mailing address and we will get a doctor packet to you!

Would you be interested in having one of our speakers or programs presented at your facility?

We are available to be scheduled for speaking engagements and Averio Presentations on different exciting and interesting health related topics!

Please contact the Averio Business office if you would like to pursue this exciting option!

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