How to optimize your health during a Viral Infection


The doctors and team of Averio Health Institute have been closely watching and considering both the available science and statistics concerning Covid-19.

  1. Increase your Vitamin D3 dosage to between 5,000-10,000 units daily for adults during the remainder of the viral scare. Note dosages should not be raised past 2,000 units if you have recently tested with normal or high Vitamin D3 levels in the past.
    1. Best ways to boost Vitamin D3 in your system? Take a high quality, oil-soluble Vitamin D3 supplement. Averio Health Institute offers options for both adults and children. (Please note that children need to take a Vitamin D3 that is specifically designed for children) To order supplementation, please call our office at 360-982-1368.
    2. Get outside when it is sunny and allow the sun on your bare skin. Most makeup, lotions and sunscreen block the UV rays that allow you to make your own vitamin D3.
  1. Limit your white sugar intake. Studies have shown that as little as 100 grams of white sugar can paralyze up to 40% of your immune system for as long as 6 hours in a normal population. This includes products like fruit juice from concentrate, white/wheat bread, and alcohol. Viruses all have a glucose component to them that feeds on sugar consumption, making your immune system more susceptible to being compromised and having adverse symptoms, should you contract a virus.
    1. Safe sweeteners to consume include: honey, whole fruits, dates, and molasses. Maple syrup, unprocessed, can also be a safe sweetener.
  1. Stay in Movement! Your lymphatic system (your toxin removal system) requires movement to continue to work properly. If your lymphatic system becomes clogged, it will increase your risk of some type of cold/flu issue.
    1. Everyday go for a walk. Swing your arms as this promotes drainage in a very important lymphatic area in your armpits.
    2. Work on your parasympathetic breathing to promote good air flow and exercise your lungs.
    3. Walk with a ‘cross crawl’ motion (opposite arm and leg move at the same time) – this will give you added benefit of strengthening your brain function.
    4. Any movement counts! Walking, rocking chair, biking, gardening, running, playing in the grass, working out, rebounding, JUST MOVE!
  1. Think positively! Limit the amount of time you spend reading the Covid-19 news, if this creates a negative emotional response for you. We are living in a time of fear, and fear can alter your hormones in a way that can make you more at risk to a viral or bacterial infection. Do your absolute best to find positivity, hope, appreciate what you can, and wake up each day grateful.
    1. Go to YouTube and watch “A student” by Ben Zander. 15 min. of fantastic perspective to make you SMILE.
    2. Go to YouTube and watch “Power Poses” with Amy Cuddy. 15 min. of learning how to easily reduce your cortisol levels in 2 MINUTES!
    3. Other great ways to find balance with your thoughts/emotions/hormones: drink a cup of green tea with coconut milk and honey (all have been researched to help lower stress levels, improve brain function, and decrease anxiety. For further information, please email ) Read inspirational books, meditate, and pray.

To further boost your immune system, your neurological system, and your brain:

  • Be consistent with your Chiropractic care. Your nervous system (controlled by your brain) controls 90% of your health outcome. 10% is environment and 1% is genes. In looking at environment versus your nervous system, your nervous system has the capability of being much more decisive than environment ever could. If you think your nervous system has been compromised, then it is time to pay attention and take care of your nervous system, spine, and brain health.
    • Averio Health Institute is happy to help provide consultations, advice and referrals. Please contact our office at 360-982-1368 if you need help.
  • Eat a Whole food, plant based diet. Clinical research, scientifically backed, and grounded with one of the largest 20-year nutritional studies ever done – states that eating a primarily plant-based, raw, and whole foods diet is the smartest and healthiest way to build your cells’ integrity, increase your energy, and decrease your risk of infection, disease, and environmental damage.

Averio Health Institute is your number one supporter in helping you navigate this covid-19 moment that we all find ourselves in. Whether it is to help boost your immune system, regenerate your neurological health, or provide complimentary advice towards having the best health you can have – we are in your corner. Please feel free to call, email, or visit our website for more information.

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