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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I am not local to Washington State?

No worries. We regularly have patients that fly in from other parts of the United States and other countries for treatment here at Averio Health Institute. We work with each patient so that they can get the treating and treatment they need without having to make more trips that necessary to Washington State.

Where are you located?

We are located in a rural setting about an hour and a half north of Seattle. This is a setting that was chosen for its peaceful atmosphere, great view into the Skagit Valley….truly a place designed for helping people regenerate and heal.

What if I need a full time care taker during my stay?

No problem! We have had many patients who require extra assistance when they began their care. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your situation and your caretaker.

Are there conditions you do not accept?

We will only accept your case if it is medically appropriate for you to consider concentrated regenerative medicine and there is reasonable evidence that your body has the ability to respond to treatment. Acceptance of your case will depend on your test results and case history rather than your condition, disease or prognosis.

What can I expect after my Averio Weeklong Program?

Each Averio Weeklong Program includes six months of follow-up care through a program called Averio Support. If you are coming from a far distance we have flexible plans that allow you to use your Averio Support days together. Please call for more information.

Will I need to return for more care after my Averio Weeklong Program?

Whether your body and brain requires more treatment will be dependent on your post test results and your specific health goals.

Do you recommend supplementation?

About 99% of our patients present with one or more nutritional deficiencies which can cause imbalance and dysfunction in nearly all systems of your body.

Nutritional deficiencies can be causes from short and long term medication use, extended periods of mental and emotional stress, consuming too much processed foods and many other environmental factors. If you present with a nutritional deficiency (or multiple) or chemical imbalance (or multiple) in your body, we will try to help your body regulate normally which may include whole food dietary recommendations or whole food supplementation recommendations or a combination of both depending on your circumstances.

Can I just drop in and get started?

No! Please do not drop in! We do not accept drop-in or walk-in appointments as our schedule is very busy. We will try to accommodate emergency situations and same-day appointments when we can but please call first.

Are their options for financial help with covering the cost of testing or care?

Yes! You have many options for help with financially covering the cost of your care including Care Credit which allows you a special account for covering your medical bills that you can pay off as you can without delaying the treatment you need. Please call the business office to learn about all of your options.

Do you take insurance?

Due to Averio Health Institute being a regenerative medicine facility we are unable to accept third party insurance at this time.

More Questions?

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