Functional Heart Testing

Fabric Hearts on Wood

Why is this testing important? Heart Sound testing evaluates the function of each of your heart valves individually and allows for a specific and customized diagnosis of any heart dysfunction from an atypical murmur to a weak valve to loss of valve tonicity, etc. If your heart is not working well, this can lead to all sorts of symptoms including: heart issues, chronic fatigue, low libido, adrenal issues, hormonal issues, weight gain issues, depression, anxiety and even sleeping issues.

In the time that we have been using Heart Sound testing at Averio Health Institute, we have had multiple patients who were on surgical lists for one or more valve replacement surgeries regenerate normal heart valve function using safe, gentle, whole-food nutritional plans. We have also seen many patients reverse their chronic fatigue syndrome, feel better, have more energy and more joy in life! This is a powerful test that every adult would benefit from having run – whether you are experiencing symptoms or not.

This test is appropriate for ages 16+.

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