Functional Neurological Testing

Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Functional Neurological Testing

Did you know that your nervous system regulates and controls almost every function in your body?

Because of how your body works, when your nervous system is damaged it can present as almost any type of dysfunction and/or pain.

Functional Neurological Testing is a type of testing that analyzes and evaluates the function of your nerves for the purpose of evaluating your whole body's health.

Functional Neurological testing is likely appropriate for any person who has health concerns and would like to try and resolve them in a safe and sustainable way.

Examples of potential Functional Neurological testing can include:

  • Cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar radiographs
  • Analyzation of cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar radiographs
  • Spinal EMG for neurological dysfunction
  • Digital Bilateral Weight Balance
  • Balance Tracking Systems Analyzation of Balance and Fall risk

You opportunity to improve your quality of life begins with your nervous system.

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