Health For Our Future

"One of the most powerful forces on earth is Hope"

Averio Health Institute is excited to present Health For Our Future, a financial aid program designed specifically to help families with children in challenging health circumstances. This program will start in March of 2021 and there is LIMITED program availability. If you know of a family who has a challenged child, please have them reach out immediately for an application.

History of the Program and Results

Health For Our Future was born out of the desire to offer a healthcare opportunity exclusively for challenged kids, as well as their families. When a funding opportunity opened up for Averio Health Institute, the program was created.

Here are some of the stories that have occurred because of Averio concentrated care:

Introduction to Health For Our Future

Financial Assistance Program for Challenged Kids

How It Works

Averio Health Institute is a regenerative medicine facility that specializes in complex and chronic health cases. We help patients find the underlying cause(s) of their health concerns through specific functional and objective testing, and offer a 5-day concentrated care program to help rebuild, restore, and regenerate healthy new tissues through functional neurology. We have had many patients have successful and sustainable outcomes from, what first appeared to be, hopeless circumstances.

What the Program Covers

Health For Our Future includes:

  • appropriate and customized testing for the child*
  • appropriate and customized testing for the primary adult caregiver*
  • three weeks of Averio concentrated care for the child**
  • three weeks of Averio concentrated care for the primary adult caregiver**
  • customized self care and nutritional plans for both parties
  • customized and appropriate healthcare supplies for the child***
  • phone and email support with the Averio clinical team around program weeks
  • lunch and dinner during the program weeks for both parties
  • one-on-one time and education with experienced Averio doctors who will help you create a plan, customize a treatment plan and help each participant achieve exceptional results!

The program does not cover accepted participants housing or travel costs.

How to Apply

SPACE IS LIMITED! If you or someone you know has interest in participating in this extraordinary opportunity please have them email immediately for an application.

Email for Application: Attn: Health For Our Future Application

*testing is customized to the specific clinical needs of the patient and may include specialized blood panels, genetic testing, parasite testing, methylation testing, spinal and/or pelvic analyzed X-rays, other medical imaging, posture analysis, balance and fall risk, functional brain tests, cognitive assessments, spinal EMG, heart sound testing, nutritional testing, food allergy testing, viral/pathogenic testing, breathing and oxygen testing, and/or vital and physical examinations.

**both child and adult caregiver will attend their Averio concentrated care program at the same time and receive healthcare at the same time. Each program week is separated by approximately 3 months to allow appropriate response and healing time.

***depending on the case and test results various supplies may be clinically necessary such as specific nutritional support or recommendations, specific neck pillow, devices for muscle retraining or exercises at home, etc.

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