Health Is Optional Part 1

Right NOW is the best of times and the worst of times.

Covid-19 is a highly transmittable disease with a flu-like nature, causing death in those who experience a cytokine storm, damaging their lungs.

People who are weak with disease, taking toxic drugs, in poor physical condition, overweight and living in congested environments seem to be at the greatest risk.

Protecting YOURSELF involves becoming healthy. Protecting OTHERS involves YOU becoming healthy.

Many people are hoping for a vaccine. As of  April 21st, a group of scientists have seen 30 mutations already of the Covid-19 virus. Another US agency has been studying virus’s and has discovered over 1000 novel virus’s from nature that have not modified into human transmission.

What does that mean? Answer the following questions:

Has our current flu vaccine stopped people from dying of the flu? (ANSWER: about 36,000 in the US each year)

How long once a particular virus is noted does it take to build a vaccine? (ANSWER: between 1-20 years, depending on its fast tracking and amount of relevant clinical studies done or not done)

How quickly does a virus mutate into a new form? (ANSWER: somewhere between hours, days to a few weeks)

If you build a vaccine for a particular form of virus, will it work on other virus’s? (ANSWER: NO)

If you begin to think about, and understand, the science behind how nature works and our attempts to control the natural order of life – it would challenge the belief systems of many.

Living through a ‘Pandemic’ should create URGENCY about where your health is at!

What do we know?

People with adequate levels of Vitamin D have significantly less colds and flu’s. Less Vitamin D = MORE COLDS AND FLU’S.

People who don’t consume as much sugar have significantly less colds and flu’s. MORE SUGAR = MORE COLDS AND FLU’S.

People who have poor health have significantly less quality of life. POOR HEALTH = MORE SUFFERING.

Your decisions, based off what YOU KNOW AS OPTIONS, makes this the best of times or the worst of times. Challenges and Opportunities. Enjoy the life that is possible through Natural Health.

Written by Dr. Avery Martin



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