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Holistic versus Drug

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In America, one of the greatest challenges you will face in health care, is that it is a drug culture. This means that regardless of your problem, your underlying damage, the possible side effects and addictive nature, or even current medical research - the first medical treatment that will likely be offered for most health concerns is a pharmaceutical intervention.

At Averio Health Institute our approach is three tiered:

First: "Test not Guess"
Your health is too important to guess with. All patients whether they are presenting with something as simple as pain or as complex as multiple different conditions, surgeries and problems will have recommended tests as the first step towards their better sustainable health.

Second: "Safe and Effective"
Every technique and therapy we use at Averio Health Institute is safe, gentle and effective. We see everyone from children with challenged health case all the way to patients over 100 years of age looking for optimum health. All have the potential of improving their health with safe, gentle functional neurology, low level laser therapy and customized doctor care at Averio Health Institute. Both have the potential of improving their health with safe and gentle function neurology, low level laser therapy and holistic regenerative medicine.

Third: "Educate, Educate, Educate"
From our philosophy it is mandatory that you know how to manage and preserve your health to the best of your ability. Our Averio Team makes it a priority to take the time to explain to you your test results, what that means for you and what changes you need to make to give yourself the best chance of success.

Holistic Culture

  1. Case History and Testing.
  2. Underlying Problem
  3. Treament Option: Functional Neurology, Laser Treatment, Nutrition
  4. Low cost
  5. Fix to as near normal as possible.
  6. Long term Regenerative Benefits
  7. Based on neurology and physiology

Drug Culture

  1. Symptoms and Recommendation
  2. Disease Diagnosis
  3. Treatment Option: Drug, Surgery
  4. High cost
  5. Management of Symptoms
  6. Short Term Symptoms Patch
  7. Based on industry and profit

Holistic Culture Example

  1. Patient is short of breath and has low energy.
  2. Patient goes to a Chiropractor who specializes in Functional Neurology.
  3. Patient goes to a Nutritional Therapist who specializes in Functional Nutrition.
  4. Has exam, tests, diet survey, exercise history, functional testing.
  5. Patient begins a plan or care to lower calories, do some intermittent fasting and a functional neurological treatment plan.
  6. Monitored Daily to Weekly.
  7. Patient improves with a new strategy for life.
  8. Low cost and sustainable.


Drug Culture Example

  1. Patient is short of breath and has low energy.
  2. Patient goes to a medical clinic.
  3. Has exam/blood tests/imaging done.
  4. One coronary artery is 90% blocked.
  5. Has surgery done to put in a stint.
  6. Prescribed drugs: blood thinners/statin.
  7. Patient returns to sedentary lifestyle and eating pizza and fried chicken.




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