Objective Testing Directs Your Concentrated Care Program

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If you are a new patient to AHI, it is likely that the doctors will recommend specific objective tests to help customize your concentrated care program. It is critical for the clinical team to know what areas of your body are damaged and/or have broken down.

Symptoms do not exist without a reason.

In most patients, there is damage in their spinal structure, brain and/or gut that is the underlying cause of their symptoms and or health challenges.

Objective tests at AHI are focused around imaging, analyzing, and creating an efficient care plan for your spinal structure, brain and gut health during your concentrated care program. Your testing recommendation might include spinal radiographs, specific blood panels, functional brain tests, heart sound testing, etc.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to learn more about referring your patients for objective testing please call the office and request a Professional Referral Packet.

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