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Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Our Success Rate

There are some marvelous and talented doctors who can show you how your body works and how you can work with your body to achieve the highest quality of life and health possible and that is what you will find at Averio Health Institute. It is kind of like asking what the success rate of an NBA coach is…well, that depends on how well the players on the court respond to the coaches’ instructions both on and off the court.

Even though the coach often gets a lot of the credit for the win or responsibility for the loss…the reality is that the coach doesn’t play. Your health, or lack of health, can only ever be your responsibility. No one can “fix” your health for you. However, you are never alone in helping to solve your health concerns before or after they appear.

Success, is defined as the sustainable achievement of health and wellness, and depends in a big way on the patient’s determination and willpower to put into action the necessary steps to allow their body to heal and regenerate. We have seen so many cases, deemed medically impossible, improve to a point of continued asymptomatic status (chronic disease cannot legally be “cured” and Averio Health Institute makes no claim now or ever to cure any type of disease). However, we do see incredible results.

Results of Treatment

Your body was fearfully and wonderfully made and when given the opportunity to heal in an anatomically, physiologically, and science-based way the results have the potential to be astronomical.

Sustainable health is a partnership made up of four parts:

  1. Objective tests to figure out a plan of where your damage is and how severe
  2. Customized, clinical care plan that is specific to your needs
  3. Specific treatments to address the damage and dysfunction
  4. Patient empowerment, education, and follow-through on all clinical recommendations

Do you choose hope or hopelessness?

This is a story to help you understand what we mean by patient determination and responsibility.

We had an unforgettable case in 2018. A gentleman with a diagnosis of statins-induced ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) presented to our office in a wheelchair. ALS is a challenging degenerative disease to the nervous system that kills most people who are diagnosed with it within a few years. This man was intelligent and hopeful, and he wanted to try and beat his diagnosis.

Our team began by taking an in-depth case history and then running functional and objective tests, blood work, images…all to determine how much neurological, structural, and biochemical damage had occurred in this patient’s body. We put together a customized plan for this patient and our ALS patient checked into the Institute for a week of concentrated customized regenerative medicine care.

It was a trial…to see if his body would have the strength to respond, even though the disease process was quickly consuming his body.

After a week of customized intensive care, this patient could walk again. Unassisted. He was also talking again, and his eyes sparkled with a bright and healthy spirit. His post-test results showed excellent structural-neural results and excellent functional gain. He was progressing at a regenerative rate that was extraordinary!

Was he done? Certainly no. He was still diagnosed with ALS, and had personal work and action steps to continue for his body to regenerate to better health status.

Thus, the patient left Averio Health Institute with a specific game plan for the next 6 months.

There was excitement in everyone’s voice…would this perhaps be the first case of ALS to be sustainably symptomatically reversed? The patient’s son gave our doctors a teary-eyed handshake and this patient continued to make his weekly appointments with continued, although slower, improvements.

About 6 weeks into his treatment the patient’s wife called to cancel all of his further appointments. Then we got an email…the wife wrote to us that the family was going to Canada to move forward with medically assisted suicide. The reasoning was that even though the patient had already received incredible results…the family’s ALS specialist assured them that there is NO HOPE for an ALS diagnosis.

So, what is our success rate? It might be worthwhile to ask yourself how determined you are to get well.

If you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired” than you have found your health team to help you attempt to achieve your goals, and it is time for you to call Averio Health Institute to set up your complimentary consultation.

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