Averio’s NEWEST Recipe book

published by Lisa Martin, Averio Health Institute

“MORE Wholefood Recipes for Restoring Health”
2020, First edition

Averio Health Institute Recipe Book 2Price: $29.95 +tax

This is the NEWEST and SECOND published recipe book from Averio Health Institute. We are SO EXCITED to share MORE, NEW, and incredibly tasty recipes with you!

This second recipe book also includes informational areas going over the health benefits of green tea, bone broth benefits, how to choose a good coconut oil, differences between carob/cacao and cocoa, sprouts, and so much more!

Comment from a patient who got to try some of the new recipes during her program at Averio:

“It felt like 5 star dining, simple but elegant. My taste buds found it quite fascinating!”

- Tami S.

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