Averio’s Self-Care Starter Kit

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We are so excited to share with you the Averio Starter Kit! After 40+ years of working on building different, exciting self-care opportunities for patients, as of this year, we’ve compiled those together in a package……. just for you!

What all is included in the Self-Care Starter Kit?

  • Averio Integrity Whole Food Supplements: BarleyMax from Hallelujah Acres, Bio-DK Mulsion Forte from Biotics, Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures, Digestive Enzymes from Standard Process and Colon Health from Gran-Sure (customization available for several products).
  • Oral Health Starter Kit including: non-toxic and remineralizing toothpaste & mouthwash (flavor options)
  • Organic Buck-Wheat Hull Pillow for your best sleep!  (size options)
  • Dry Brush: full body size for natural and effective detoxification.
  • R2L cell phone radiation protection (works on all phones) and research proven to reduce up to 70% of harmful radiation from your cell phone.
  • The Averio Journal to help you on your journey towards optimum health.
  • Choice of: The original Averio recipe book, “Whole Food Recipes for Restoring Health” OR The 2nd Averio Recipe book, “MORE Whole Food Recipes for Restoring Health”
  • Averio cloth tote bag
  • Averio water bottle
  • Averio sticker
  • Bonus educational materials to further your health journey!!

How much does the Self-Care Starter Kit cost?

Only $310!* Plus Tax

* This has been greatly discounted for the package, individual cost of items is over $400.

To purchase: Please call the Front desk at 360-982-1368 to order. If you need it shipped to you, please let us know and we’d be happy to do that. Any questions? Let us know!



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