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Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Food Resource List

* list in no particular order

Sprouts: A great source that Averio Health Institute uses for getting high-quality seeds such as broccoli and alfalfa seeds, as well as seed starting supplies.

Montana Gluten-free: Great source for raw, GF oats, oat bran, cereals, flours that are sourced well and guaranteed gluten-free. Organic products as well. The flours, mixes, etc. are made without common allergens and allow you to create baked goods that match your lifestyle.

  • Each package of food you purchase is marked with a letter code to identify the farmer that grew it, in case you wanted to look up who farm-sourced your delicious gluten-free product.
  • Price: $-$$ family-run farm based in Italy that focuses on tomatoes, beans, olive oil, and sourcing einkorn ancient grain.

  • Great source for gluten-free products and Einkorn flour/products to include: pasta, flour, crackers, cookies, etc.
  • Jovial being a family run business also offers a getaway experience to their farm to experience well-prepared, nutritious foods with cooking and sourcing education. The wife has also created a cookbook in cooking with the ancient grain einkorn.
  • Einkorn is an ancient and original non-modified single wheat that is packed with much more nutrition than regular market wheat that has been engineered. You can read more about the benefits of einkorn on their website.
  • Price: $-$$ (they offer free shipping, no min. quantity as noted).

Fresh Pressed Olive Oil: a great source for fresh, non-modified olive oil sourced from different regions and packaged without any fillers or additives.

  • A great source for nutrient-rich olive oil
  • To get olive oil from this source, you have to sign up for a subscription of olive oil sent to you quarterly. (You choose how many bottles and what size). Accompanying the olive oil is a quarterly newsletter sent by the owner and founder of this club TJ Robinson - who goes over the region, details about the oil, how to use and pair, and recipes. It's not necessarily cheap, but the quality is well worth the cost.
  • Olive oil purchased on most supermarket shelves is rancid and/or filled with other low quality, non-nutrient oils. Olive oil can be one of the healthiest oils, but it is also one of the biggest corrupted markets out there. Finding a good, safe, healthy source is crucial if one is to consume olive oil. For more information on this club, the benefits of olive oil, or how to get started - visit the above-mentioned website.
  • Price: $$-$$$

The Tea Spot: a great source for loose leaf tea source from different regions.

  • A great source for loose-leaf and bagged tea
  • The tea spot started by owner and founder Maria Upenski who wrote a book called "Why Cancer Hates Tea". Her story started with breast cancer and her journey back to health involved finding and studying loose-leaf tea, specifically green tea. Her company is based out of Boulder, CO and sources high-quality tea and also sells tea makers and her book.
  • Price: $-$$

Honest Raw Honey: great US source for unaltered honey from Blue Ridge, TX.

  • Benefits to you: produced, harvested and packaged in the same location, unaltered: no cooking, pasteurization, filtered, additives, herbicides, antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, etc.
  • Price: $-$$

Steens, raw cold-pressed Manuka honey:

  • Benefits to you: they specialize in raw Manuka honey without any processing or pasteurization.
  • This is different from commercial Manuka honey even if labeled raw or unpasteurized. The honey is kept in low temperatures to maintain its raw state and then is considered "whole comb technology" which allows the honey to maintain all the benefits of the bee bread, wax, crystallized honey, honeycomb, etc. It is also a certified UMF to guarantee true Manuka honey benefits.
  • They sell +5, 10, 15, 20 and 24 UMF Manuka honey. They also sell what they call "snap packs" small convenient packets of raw Manuka honey that can be taken when you travel, on camping trips, in your pocket and consumed when you need a nutritional boost of honey.
  • Price: $$$-$$$$ (they do offer free shipping for orders to the US, no minimum purchase)

Captain Cook Trading Company. Owner: Emmerich Grosch. Source for high-quality coffee beans and unmodified chocolate.

Kona coffee, locally sourced and produced cacao beans, unmodified: Coffee is best consumed when you know the source and quality of your coffee beans. Kona coffee is world-renowned for being light, not too acidic, and of high quality.

  • This particular source also offers local cacao beans, the original chocolate and a great source of antioxidants, as well as locally sourced macadamia nuts.

Organic sources for different products: Items such as acai, amla, arrowroot, ashwagandha, baobab, calendula flowers, camu camu, Ceylon cinnamon spice, chamomile tea bags, cinnamon sticks, dandelion root, earl grey tea bags, English breakfast tea bags, ginger tea bags, green tea bags, goji berries, hibiscus flowers, hibiscus tea bags, lavender flowers, maca, maqui, moringa, nettle leaf, nettle leaf tea bags, oolong tea bags, peppermint tea bags, red raspberry, red raspberry tea bags, rooibos tea bags, spearmint tea bags, turmeric powder.

  • Each item shares from what region it is sourced from and the health benefits, as well as recipes on how to use the item. Most of the powders are sourced raw and organic and have great nutritional benefits.
  • Price: $-$$

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