Suggested Documentaries and Youtube clip Resource List

Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Video Resource

* list in no particular order

Documentary suggestions:

  • Doctored
  • Bought
  • Genetic Roulette
  • Forks over Knives
  • Simply Raw
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2
  • Food, Inc
  • The Greater Good
  • How to Eliminate Sickness
  • God's Way to Ultimate Health Seminar
  • High Energy Diet
  • Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore
  • You Can't Improve on God
  • People vs. the State of Illusion
  • Biology of Belief
  • Fed up
  • The Biology of Perception / the Psychology of Change
  • Dirt! The Movie
  • The Game Changers
  • Little Big Farm
  • Vaxxed
  • Vaxxed 2: The People's Truth

Youtube Clip suggestions:

  • Work (How to give an A) - Ben Zander
  • Pottengers Cats - Diet Will Affect Future Generations
  • Your body language may shape who you are - Amy Cuddy
  • 100 year old lady (Jay Leno)
  • The World's First Bionic Burger
  • Il Silenzio - Melissa Venema
  • Diet for a New America - John Robbins
  • You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How - Sandrine Thuret
  • Shingles Vaccine (Dr. Christine Northrup)
  • An Introduction to a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet - Dr. Lim
  • Why I quit Paleo Ketogenic Diet and Went Plant-Based - Dr. Lim
  • Minding Your Mitochondria - Dr. Terry Wahls
  • How Eating Plants Changed My Life - How it Could Change Yours - Nimai Delgado
  • Sulforaphane and It's Effects on Cancer, Mortality, Aging, Brain and Behavior, Heart Disease & More
  • (Rhonda Patrick)
  • Benefits of Garlic for Fighting Cancer and the Common cold (Nutrition Facts)
  • Pandemics: History & Prevention (Nutrition Facts)
  • The Exogenous Endotoxin Theory (Nutrition Facts)

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