Averio Testimonials

"As an integrative MD, I have been delighted to learn of Averio Health Institute. I know of no other program offering such an array of wide ranging alternative treatments, with similar intensive approaches. This is a wise choice for anyone dealing with health issues...with a desire to jump start a dramatic improvement to their health."

- Rick, Sausalito, CA

"Averio is all about a kind of care that is not common in this country. Dr. Avery Martin and his team care for the whole person, not just about how they can patch you up and get you to buy. Averio is truly a place that you can start healing the whole person, step by step."

- Tracy, Ketchikan, AK

"This week at the Institute changed my life. I came in sick and in pain depressed, obese, diabetic, and in a rut. My weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure have dropped significantly in a week. I would highly recommend Averio Health Institute if you are needing a new way of health and life."

- Trudi, Mount Vernon, WA

"The best health experience of my life. Most people have disease care when dealing with their problems. Not here. Focused on regaining and maintaining health. This program worked with teaching us what to do when we left the Institute, not just temporary solutions."

- James, Bellingham, WA

"This has been an amazing experience. I have learned a lot about the importance of live food eating and food preparation as a way to improve life. My spine has improved in structure and function that will enable my body to continue to improve. Great educational process in lecture and video documentary format. Everyone would benefit from this experience."

- Dr. H., Vancouver, WA

"Averio was a life changing experience. I went there with no expectations what so ever. I consider the health and nutrition side a bonus as to what happened to me. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I did what I could by adapting to my handicap. At the end of the week, my memory improved, my mind was clear and I was moving in ways that I never thought I ever would. My brain has been a constant lightning storm as nerves find their long lost links."

- Matt, Seward, AK

"This week has been invaluable to me not only because of the top-notch treatments, but also because of the nutritional information I received. The food was excellent in terms of quality and presentation, and the information about each item served was very helpful to me as I begin transmitting my diet to include more healthy foods. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The very personalized attention to my specific health issues was greatly appreciated."

- Nancy, Anacortes, WA



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Averio Health Institute
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