Averio Testimonials

Leslie's story of returning to Averio for a second concentrated care program, and how that has continued to progress her towards her health goals. This is her story:

Nancy chose Averio Health Institute after struggling with decades of trying to become healthy, different diets and fads. This is her story:

Mark chose Averio Health Institute because he wanted to explore non-surgical options to his herniated disc. This is his story:

David chose Averio Health Institute after hearing about how critically important spinal and neurological health was to a person's overall life experience. This is his story:

Joan chose Averio health Institute after struggling with decades of chronic pain issues. This is her story:

Louise chose Averio Health Institute after feeling like her doctors were only managing her symptoms instead of looking at her whole body and how all systems and tissue are interconnected. This is her story:

Cathie chose Averio after suffering for many years of chronic heart and gut problems which she had come to believe were permanent. Here is her story:

Jessie was diagnosed with breast cancer and through her body's healing process was a patient at Averio Health Institute many times. This is her story:

Layne from the outside, looked like a completely healthy young man. When his mom brought him for objective testing - his test results told a different tale. This is his story:

Sandy came to Averio Health Institute after her daughters health improved greatly. Sandy had years and years of chronic pain in her neck and low back after a lot of different traumas. This is her story:

Terressa came to Averio Health Institute with chronic debilitating pain and nerve loss. She had been told there were no options for her other than to live with her pain by several conventional medical doctors and hospitals. This is her story:

Miles came to Averio Health Institute unsure. He had an inflammatory eye issue and various chronic health concerns and wasn't sure how any of those could relate to his brain and nervous system. This is his story:

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