The Story of the Yard

Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA The Story of the Yard

The United States’ medical model for chronic disease is one of symptoms management through pharmaceuticals. This model continues to define that chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, mental illness, and dementia are “incurable” and likely the result of “genetics” despite thousands of instances of research, case studies, and results to the contrary. The “incurable” lie is crucial and important. If the common American’s perception of their disease process is that there is “no cure” and that they are “not responsible”, then there is no opportunity or options to move forward positively. The team at Averio Health Institute is here to help you understand how we can help.

If your only option is to manage your disease, your symptoms, and live with that the rest of your life, then you pay what you must to get your pharmaceutical, surgery or participate in another experimental drug trial. That seems to be the responsible thing for you to do in the face of what you cannot control and cannot change. This is how the American people have built the multi-billion dollar medical monstrosity which is our current health care system.

The Story of the Yard

You own a house with a yard. In your yard, there is a place where you throw garbage. After years of throwing garbage in the yard, you start to notice that you now have a serious rat problem. The rats are unpleasant!

So you go to the large Anti-Rat facility down the road where a specialist says, “your rat problem is something you will have for the rest of your life. There is no way for you to completely eradicate rats…but you can manage your rat problem”. He then writes you a prescription for a special rat-killing poison that will cost you $3000.00. Seems steep, but you don’t want rats, so you are willing to pay anything, even if your yard insurance will only cover half the cost.

Initially, you notice a difference. There are dead rats here and there but eventually, the rats avoid the poison, but not your yard, so you go back to the Anti-Rat facility and get a different poison. When that doesn’t work, then a special trap to catch the rat. Everything works a little bit but the rats keep coming and you begin to lose hope that you will ever enjoy your yard again. You start to identify as the person with the “incurable” rat problem and you wonder if it was something the previous house owners did that made you so likely to have this “incurable” problem.

Then one day your friend tells you about a different specialist who helped him with his rat problem. So you make an appointment, hoping that maybe this specialist has a magic poison that will work better.

You are suspicious when you pull up to the Healthy Yard facility and nowhere do you see anything about “helping against rats”. You wonder if you are in the wrong place when you are taken into an office to meet this new specialist who begins to ask you questions about your yard. Initially, the specialist doesn’t ask you any questions about your rats at all and you get more and more concerned.

Then with care, the specialist says, “The rats are not your problem. The rats are just a symptom of the pile of trash in your yard. If you get rid of the trash, eventually the rats will also go away.”

You blink. Then burst out with, “WHAT? The rats can be cured?”

The specialist smiles back and says, “not exactly…the rats will continue to be a problem for you as long as the garbage is there. It would probably be impossible to get rid of the rats fully without addressing the garbage. However, if you understand how yard health works and if you take care of the garbage, then the rats will no longer have a home to live in and they will leave your yard.”

You continue to look dumbfounded…yet it makes sense and you say, “why didn’t anyone tell me? I have had this problem for years which has greatly altered my life and ability to live…and all I needed to do is take care of the garbage? No one even told me that the garbage was a problem!” You feel a mix of anger and betrayal that this is the first you’ve heard of such a concept.

The specialist smiles again gently, and begins to explain what has to be explained every time: “legally we cannot say that we “cure” rats because in our current governing yard health system, one is only allowed to treat rats with poison or traps, and we don’t practice that type of yard health.”

“Even though I see case after case after case of rats going away…I would actually lose my ability to help people if I advertised that I can help “cure rats”. The system only allows poison/traps to be covered by your yard insurance and because these methods, unfortunately, are inconsistent and overused, thus rendering them ineffective, “rats” are now widely considered an “incurable problem” even though we know that rats only exist when there is a fundamental problem with the yard.”

It's making more sense and you go home with a shovel and some large garbage bags and start to work on cleaning up the garbage from your yard. It is hard work. The more your clean the more rats and garbage you find and you begin to despair. So you go back to the Healthy Yard Clinic in tears. “There is no end to the garbage and the more I dig the more rats I find!”

The specialist calmly replies, “How long have you been adding garbage to that pile?”

You sniff and say, “Since I was 18… almost 40 years now”.

She continues, “How long have you been digging to remove the garbage?”

You wipe your eyes and say, “Three months”.

“You are doing great, but there is more work to do. Keep doing the good things and cleaning up the garbage.”

You continue to work at that garbage pile and after two years of hard work, you finally get the last bit of the garbage cleaned out of your yard. Within the next 6 months, grass grows back over the soil and you happily notice that you haven’t seen a rat.

You also haven’t had to use any poison or traps in over a year, which saved you thousands of dollars out of pocket as well as through your yard insurance. You are overjoyed, and now know that if you want to have a healthy yard that is rat-free, you cannot throw garbage in it.

You no longer need to go to the Anti-Rat facility and often you have friends over to admire your beautiful yard, never hesitate to tell them about the Healthy Yard Clinic that gave you so much hope that your life and your yard could be different… better…more enjoyable.

Strangely though, few of your friends go, even with their own yard problems. So many have given up hope about their rats. Besides their rats are a different breed of rats than yours were so there is probably no hope for them. One of your friends even said, “I went there for about a week and did what they asked but it didn’t help me so I stopped.” You looked shocked at him and say, “yes, it would take longer for you to get rid of the garbage pile in your yard…you have been adding to that for decades…why would you think only a week would help?”
Your friend just shrugs and said, “Really, the poison is working well enough for me…I mean I can’t do the things I used to love to do in my yard but the poison is managing the rats enough that I don’t have to worry about the problem getting worse, or at least I don’t think the problem is getting worse, I can’t really see the rats under the garbage thus I probably don’t have a problem until one shows up again.”

You think about these things as you sit in your beautiful backyard, the grass blowing softly in the breeze, flowers blooming.

**All of the above writing is copyright owned by Averio Health Institute.**



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