Uganda 2020 Chiropractic Mission trip!

In 2020, we intend to return for another extraordinary experience with the help of Rotary International and our friends in Maluku and Mbale, Uganda. This is a life-changing opportunity to serve a beautiful community in eastern Uganda. In 2018, Averio Health Institute led the first chiropractic mission trip to Uganda! We served in the community of Maluku, Uganda (near Mbale Town). We landed in Uganda having coordinated with local Rotarians and clubs involved in the building of a new medical clinic where we would be offering a medical camp, as well as bring much needed medical supplies to the clinic.

Our expectations were exceeded in every way by the Ugandan's care and hospitality during our trip. We were assisted in our endeavors by over 30 Ugandan medical professionals who helped with triage, translation and patient flow during the medical camp. At the end of 5 days of providing care, over 2400 people had experienced their first adjustment! We went on to do an observational study of our efforts and found that in every class of abnormal blood pressure, that approximately 50% of the population moved a stage closer to normal blood pressure following a single adjustment! Outside of taking care of the local population, we had an opportunity to tour local villages, go on a safari, drink and eat the most amazing local cuisine. Overall, it was an amazing experience.

Information on the 2020 Uganda Trip

Chiropractic Mission Trip Uganda

  • December 5th-14th.

Who is Invited:

  • Doctors of Chiropractic
  • We also have a few spaces available for non-DC's who would be interested in helping with photography/videography, objective testing (on site training), and/or sustainable agriculture).

Documents Needed:

  • USA Passport/Yellow Card (dengue fever vaccination OR medical exemption)/Uganda VISA/Chiropractic license/or degree/or proof of being in clinic in an accredited chiropractic college.


  • There are currently efforts towards a major grant which would subsidize the travel costs of all participants. Estimates for out of pocket costs is $1000-2000 depending on your choice of airfare/etc.

Interested? Intrigued? Want more information? Email Dr. Sarah Kotlerman at

Averio Health Institute
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(360) 982-1368