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Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Sarah Kotlerman

Dr. Sarah L Kotlerman

Dr. Kotlerman got her professional start into holistic healthcare as a Nutritional Therapy practitioner. She started a successful business based on foundational nutritional testing for patients with a variety of health challenges. However, not all patients got the wanted results through better nutrition alone, though they responded positively with change in the right direction, their positive results would not maintain leading to eventually falling back into self-harming patterns of behavior.

Dr. Kotlerman knew that if she wanted to help patients in a more sustainable way that she would need to be able to affect changes to the patient’s brain and neurology. Dr. Kotlerman then enrolled at Life West Chiropractic College and graduated four years later with her D.C and many clinical honors. Dr. Kotlerman is known for coining the term “Test, Not Guess” and her philosophy is that the patient has the right to know why breakdown or abnormality is likely causing their symptoms. It is through honest healthcare and medical guidance that Americans can regain sustainable health, one person at a time.  

Certification in: Functional Neurology, Low Level Laser Specialist, Stealth Pathogens, Morphogenic Field Testing, JTECH Medical Objective Testing, Kinesiology, Nutritional Response Testing, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Heart Sound Testing Practitioner, SOT, Drop-table technique, Activator technique, Low-Level Force Adjusting technique, Toggle technique, Special Population adjusting, and Rib and Extremities Adjusting Specialist.

Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Dr. Carter

Dr. Michael L Carter

Dr. Carter excelled early on in his professional career by graduating valedictorian and magna cum laude from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1982. Dr. Carter has always maintained a high level of passion and curiosity for whole food nutrition, plant based eating, and whole system health. Dr. Carter has served as a professional consultant and educator to hundreds, if not thousands of doctors around the world.

Dr. Carter continues to serve as an active member of the advisory board for the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health and has done so for 25 years.  He is working with “The International Foundation for Nutrition and Health,” as an instructor, study group leader and facilitator; as well as revising a nutritional manual for healthcare professionals.  He recently attended the 1st International Conference on Fasting held at the University of Southern California Medical School and earned a Certificate on Fasting while at the conference. In addition to the above training, Dr. Carter is a certified coach in the Psychology of Eating from The Institute of the Psychology of Eating as well as a Life Coach from Life Purpose Institute. Dr. Carter knows that the foundation of any person’s health begins with quality chiropractic care in conjunction with regenerative and nutritional therapies.

Certifications: NUCCA, Chiropractic Biophysics, Blair, Nutritional Response Testing, Creed Neuro Kinetic Integration Technique.

Chiropractor in Clear Lake Avery Martin

Dr. Avery N Martin

Dr. Martin has been practicing for over 40 years. Dr. Martin has run and managed many successful multi-disciplinary clinics and facilities throughout the years and shares a wealth of clinical knowledge. It was about ten years ago that Dr. Martin realized that patients were not responding to care in the same way they were in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. Patients with the same amount of damage and disease were requiring more and more treatment to get sustainable results.

This is when Dr. Martin began to conceptualize a facility where the limits would be removed and patients would be treated with as much care as needed to start to facilitate a change in their body, brain, chemistry and often…in their results. This was the beginning of Averio Health Institute, a cutting-edge facility that uses functional neurology, photobiomodulation, brain retraining and a myriad of holistic treatments and therapies to stimulate tissue change and function change even in the most challenging cases. Averio Health Institute is a facility of more; more testing, more care, more treatments…and for many this also means more results.

Managing Director of Averio Health Institute


Chiropractic Clear Lake WA Lynn Front Desk
Patient Communication Specialist


Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Abby
Doctor’s Assistant


Chiropractic Clear Lake WA Gurubani Whitney
Functional Therapist

GuruBani Whitney LMT RH CPHt WEMT

Chiropractic Clear Lake WA Chika Massage Therapist
Functional Therapist

Chika Montgomery LMT

Regenerative Medicine Clear Lake WA Barbara
Functional Therapist

Barbra DeVries

Averio Health Institute works hand in hand with medical professionals and doctors from all fields and focus and has a wide referral network. If you are a medical professional who would like to be a part of our referral network please reach out and tell us about yourself. If you are a patient who may need the services of another professional outside of the regenerative medicine service at Averio Health Institute, we are happy to help with that referral.