What Is CARE At Averio?

Averio was established to help people establish a foundation on which to restore and regenerate their health.

It was never intended to be a clinic where people waited until crisis struck and we had a magic bullet to fix the crisis.   That is more of a medical approach.

Averio continues to see amazing results with those who are able to listen, learn and begin to practice a better plan of CARE.

CARE is how you use your 24 hours a day.  How you eat, how you think, how you exercise, how you develop family and friends, how you take care of your spine and brain.

PLAN is what you consider important enough to do regularly.

Starting your day with morning spinal stretches and brain exercises.  It takes less than 5 minutes and makes a huge difference.   But can you develop that as a habit?

Starting your day with something as exciting as live, plant-based nutrition or whole food supplementation that provides real nutrition.

Turning off the media and news, going outside and seeing that nature is still doing what nature does best.  Flowers are blooming, grass is growing and fruit trees are producing.  We go outside this time of year and get a few fresh strawberries off our plants each morning and cherish them as part of our breakfast.  Summer is a good season to be outdoors, get sun, get exercise, and do projects.

Part of your plan is to be active as much as you can.  Lack of activity will only make it more difficult to regain health.  Muscle, movement, circulation - all help your body stay healthy.

Think positive… it is as easy as thinking negative, but with many more benefits.

Practice good posture, so important! Hormones change quickly when a person stands upright and sits upright.

Think about your posture even when you sleep at night.  Use a good pillow,  have a good bed,  use natural fibers around your body, have your  window slightly open and remove all unnecessary lighting in your bedroom,  move the phone and devices away from your head, or out of your bedroom… make this room pristine and clean for your night’s sleep.

If needing to refine your PLAN… then coming to Averio Health Institute is a great idea.  Coming to Averio Health Institute is a game changer.  It’s your life and your chance to do and experience whatever is on your hope and wish list.  Life is always more enjoyable with health.

Averio Health Institute is here filling a very unique niche in helping people understand and learn what that PLAN should look like.

With that said, there is a lot of noise and confusion out there in the world.  Don’t get deceived by it.  For 40 years after smoking cigarettes was found to cause cancer, it was ignored because the politicians and medical minds were debating the subject in smoke filled rooms.  When everyone was smoking, it was hard to see reality through the haze.

We live in times where many good people have a hard time seeing the science through the haze of habits.

Averio Health Institute provides you options in healthCARE, if you’re interested, then call, come, choose, and commit to regaining, restoring, regenerating and rebuilding your life.

Written by Dr. Avery Martin



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