An Exceptional Experience in Healthcare

Chronic Pain Clear Lake WA Office Building

The Averio concentrated care program is unlike any other experience in medicine or healthcare.

This is your opportunity to get more regenerative care than you have ever attempted before in a concentrated way. During everyday of your care program, there are two blocks of concentrated care: the first block of care is in the morning from 9-noon and the second block of care is in the afternoon from 3-6pm. During these blocks of care you will be going through a customized treatment plan to help you improve your spinal structure, brain health, and gut health.

This program was inspired and designed by Dr. Avery Martin after his 40+ years of successfully helping patients get sustainably well. In the early 2000's, Dr. Martin started to realize that patients were consistently needing more care in order to achieve results.

During your concentrated care program we focus on your spinal structure, your brain health, and your gut health (often called the second brain due to your vagus nerve and the amount of neurological connections in your gut). These systems create your foundation for sustainable health and more often than not, by treating the damage in your foundations, this is the solution to your symptoms, your pain and your health challenges.

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