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What to Expect during Your Averio Concentrated Care Program in MT VERNON

First and foremost, you can expect a lot of treatments! At Averio Health Institute it is our philosophy to provide you with the highest quality of concentrated regenerative care. That means that during a care day(s), you will be under constant treatment and/or therapy during two concentrated sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

This type of modality stacking is intentional. Its purpose is to stimulate your body to heal effectively and efficiently. Oftentimes, patients who have not been able to get results in other mainstream care models, will see significant results when concentrated regenerative medicine is applied.

Functional Neurology

This is the most important treatment during your concentrated care day(s). At Averio Health Institute, your functional neurological treatment is accomplished through a technique called MAP. This is a proprietary technique to Averio Health Institute. The doctors at Averio Health Institute find specific areas of neurological dysfunction in your body and apply a specific and gentle sustainable pressure to assist your body in clearing the dysfunction.

Clinically we have found that it is almost impossible to stimulate sustainable improvement in tissue and function, without first improving the neurological connections to your areas of neurological dysfunction and damage. If you have tried various other forms of regenerative medicine without positive results, the functional neurological piece of your care plan is likely what is missing.


Photobiomodulation is a regenerative medicine therapy that stimulates the mitochondria of damaged and oxidized cells to produce ATP, or cellular energy. This treatment is effective in repairing tissues that might struggle to repair without help.

Further Therapies and Treatments

All concentrated treatments at Averio Health Institute revolve around the individual and their specific needs. Our team of specialists uses a variety of additional therapies and treatments including active and passive motion therapy, vibrational therapies, hydrotherapy, massage and soft-tissue therapies, infrared sauna therapy, cryotherapy, nutritional therapy, and much more.

Further Functional Neurological Techniques

In some cases, it is necessary to use other functional neurological treatments which might include; toggle adjusting, cranial assessment and adjusting, spinal decompression, spinal flexion and extension, and extremity assessment and adjusting.

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